Web Application Development & Programming

Vantiva develops web applications that improve website functionality and streamline key business processes.

Vantiva specializes in open source application development, which greatly reduce project costs and turnaround time. We can also help you deploy available commercial applications. Depending on your needs, Vantiva can provide a full end to end, managed solution.

Evaluation and Planning

Vantiva will work with you to clearly define a set of objectives to create an effective application. This crucial process often occurs during Website Design or after analysis of your existing website. Proper planning allows us to identify the most suitable application - whether it's open source, commercial, or custom built. We will evaluate the application and provide the appropriate Web Hosting infrastructure.

Managed Applications

Vantiva will install, configure, and perform any required customization for the application. You do not need to worry about server requirements, detailed installation procedures, and complex configuration issues that often come with advanced applications. We will fully integrate the application into your website if it is a front-end solution designed for consumers. Read about our Managed Applications Platform »

Benefits of Open Source

In addition to being free, open source applications allow customizations to meet your exact needs. Closed source, commercial software packages often do not allow customization, forcing you to accept the product as is. The primary value of open source lies in its drastically reduced acquisition costs and its ability to provide a customized solution for your business. What types of applications do we support?

Application Support

Vantiva's Managed Applications Platform includes advanced AppCare service plans which provide maintenance and technical support services for your applications. This includes software upgrades, bug fixes, data backup, general troubleshooting, and support for your specific application. AppCare lets you focus on business objectives instead of worrying about technical problems. Read more about AppCare »

Training Services

Vantiva can produce customized manuals and digital video tutorials (Macromedia Flash format) for each application so you can easily manage the application on your own. These training materials provide a useful reference and enables administrative staff and employees to quickly learn how to use the application. Learn more »