Managed Applications Platform (MAP)

Vantiva's Managed Applications Platform (MAP) is a full service solution for implementation and management of advanced, web-based applications.

Efficiency demands have pushed a trend of moving traditional desktop software applications onto the Internet, eliminating the need to maintain in-house hardware and IT support. Through a completely managed solution, Vantiva will implement the necessary hardware and software infrastructure and provide dedicated support services for your applications.

Vantiva Managed Applications Platform

Vantiva's Managed Applications Platform provides the following benefits:

Streamline Business Processes

Vantiva specializes in open source applications that run on a framework consisting of Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL (LAMP). Our open source applications significantly reduce costs and facilitate customization. We can help you develop applications for a variety of uses:

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and learn what we can do for you. Vantiva also provides a number of Complete Solutions designed to be full service web development packages for businesses with specific needs.