Application Training

Vantiva provides training tools to make using applications easier within your organization.

Vantiva's customized application training materials help reduce the time and costs involved with technical training. Our illustrated manuals and video tutorials will provide your staff with easy to follow instructions on application usage, reduce confusion, and improve ease of use.

Illustrated Digital Manuals

Vantiva can create customized, digital manuals with detailed instructions accompanied by screenshot images. Click by click instructions will ease the user through performing various tasks with the application. There is no need for advanced technical knowledge - we design our manuals for all levels of users. These manuals provide easy reference for repeated usage until users become naturally familiar with the application.

Video Tutorials

Taking illustrated manuals one step further, Vantiva can also create digital video tutorials (produced in Macromedia Flash format) for application training. While watching the video, the user will actually see the exact steps (every mouse movement) to perform administrative tasks with your applications. Users can freely control the playback of the video and conduct tasks alongside the video for enhanced learning. The video tutorials are also ideal for group demonstrations if multiple staff members need to be trained.