Reliable Business Class Web Hosting

Vantiva's Web Hosting plans come with everything your business needs to get online quickly and easily. Our feature-rich plans support e-commerce and advanced web applications while providing scalability through simple upgrades and add-ons. Learn why Vantiva provides Better Web Hosting™.

Plan Storage Bandwidth Email Databases Price Sign Up
Basic 1 GB 10 GB 10 accounts 1 $20/month Sign Up
Standard 2 GB 20 GB 20 accounts 2 $40/month Sign Up
Premium 3 GB 30 GB 30 accounts 3 $60/month Sign Up
Advanced 4 GB 40 GB 40 accounts 4 $80/month Sign Up

What can I do with a Vantiva Web Hosting plan?

Our web hosting plans provide businesses with flexibility and superb reliability. From simple brochure sites to complex ecommerce stores and advanced applications, our web hosting plans can scale and provide the foundation for a successful website.

Here are just some of the benefits and uses:

Advanced Business Class Email

In addition to standard features like Webmail, Vantiva's email solutions has multiple layers of protection against spam and viruses, all completely configurable to your preferences. See our full list of features for more information.

Enterprise Strength Email Security

We've implemented the Postini email security system, the same enterprise level technology used by over 35,000 businesses and 10 million end users worldwide. Any email account protected by Postini will be filtered before being delivered to you, ensuring spam and viruses never even reach your inbox! You can add Postini protection to any email account for just $5/month.

Dynamic Virus Blocking

All incoming email messages are scanned by Postini and will not be delivered to you if they contain viruses. This protects your computer system(s) from accidental infection by harmful viruses. The Postini system is constantly updated to keep track of new viruses.

Double Protection Against Spam

Postini serves as your front line protection and will automatically filter out spam emails. We've personally been using Postini's most aggressive spam settings with much success with virtually no "false positives". The spam emails will be stopped in their tracks and won't clog up your inbox ever again! In the unlikely event that a few spam messages get through Postini, it will also be filtered by Spam Assassin when it reaches your inbox. Spam Assassin will scan for common spam characteristics and check the source of the message against 3 highly accurate DNS RBL's (blacklists). These blacklists are frequently updated databases of verified spam and virus sources. You can customize your Spam Assassin settings to mark spam with special tags and then filter these using your email software (ie. Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird). Spam Assassin is included free with all web hosting accounts.

Custom Hosting Solutions

If you have a website or application with additional requirements not met by our web hosting plans, we can work with you to develop a customized solution. We can provide you with anything from a larger hosting plan to a fully managed dedicated server. Please contact us for a consultation »