Website Design Development Process

We want you to know exactly what to expect - no hassles and no surprises.

Each project is divided into milestones or phases. We seek your input throughout the entire process to make sure our work meets your expectations. The Project Center allows you to oversee the project, observe progress, submit content material, and add input.

1. Contact and Consultation

Browse our website to learn about our services and contact us with a brief description of your project and any questions. We will respond by phone or email to discuss project details, budgeting, and suggest appropriate solutions. We will ask you to fill out a needs analysis survey to determine project parameters.

2. Planning and Discovery

Using your answers from the needs analysis survey, we can develop a full proposal and price quote. We may conduct further discussion to concerning various details. Planning can be relatively short if you already have clearly defined requirements.

3. Price Quotes and Rates

We are unable to provide price quotes without a detailed brief or until after a full needs analysis to determine your project needs. We generally charge based on the project size/scope, however you may also contract us on an hourly basis. Please note that the initial price quote may be adjusted later on for additional work done not specified in the original agreement, also known as "scope creep". For example, you may later on decide to add 5 more pages to the website.

4. Visual Design and Layout

During this phase, we begin developing concept designs (comps) based on your specifications. Before actual designs are presented, we'll establish a basic storyboard or outline so you may begin developing content for the site. We will provide up to 2 different concepts and make revisions based on your input. After a final design has been approved, we move on to content development.

5. Content Development

After primary design work is completed, we begin inserting content into your website (text and images). Please note Vantiva does not offer content creation services, you must provide us with the text and images you would like on your website. However, we can work with third party copywriting and photography services. We can also purchase stock photos on your behalf. If your project includes Search Engine Optimization, we will work with you to optimize your website text for keyword optimization.

6. Application Development

If your website design project involves Application Development, work will be performed after the website design and content have been mostly completed. We will conduct testing to ensure your application functions correctly.

7. Final Review and Website Launch

We will present you with the finished product and make any final changes. We will send you a CD or email with all the files related to your project and then launch your website.