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Broadband solutions

Offer an unparalleled broadband experience – lightning-fast speeds, seamless connections, and whole-home wireless coverage.

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NaviGate 5G

With the numerous hybrid benefits of 5G technology and high internet speeds that comes along, it crucial for 5G gateways to provide the best signal and highest speed in every user’s home. In this context, achieving the most effective 5G signal ...


NaviGate Companion

A holistic broadband experience that extends beyond a stable internet connection has become a necessity. This includes connecting multiple devices, sharing a network with other household members or guests, implementing parental controls and tim...


NaviGate Software Suite

Step into the future of connected living with the NaviGate™ suite – a transformative experience comprising three powerful components – NaviGate Companion™, NaviGate 5G™ , and NaviGate IQ™ – meticulously designed to amplify the...

Gateway Fiber

The Vantiva Gazelle series set the industry standard in fiber home gateways. They provide powerful home network controls, advanced Wi-Fi technologies and multiple apps through our HERO partner program, providing end-users with seamless wireless...


Fixed and mobile operators can step up the home broadband experience for end-users in both urban, suburban, and rural areas with 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). The Vantiva 5G FWA series is a customer-premises equipment (CPE) solution that offe...

DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Gateways

Give end-users a seamless cable broadband experience with Vantiva Marlin, backed by the most reputable name in the industry. Vantiva has earned its reputation for producing the highest standard DOCSIS 3.1 gateways – since 2017, we have delivere...


RDK-B: The Open-Source Software Platform

The RDK-B (Reference Design Kit for Broadband) is an open source software platform used in broadband modems and routers. Part of the RDK platform, RDK-B is a powerful tool for global broadband – it unifies a common technical method, ensuring co...

Wi-Fi Extenders

Vantiva EAGLE Wi-Fi extenders enable end-users to deploy a reliable, wide-range wireless network throughout their homes. End-users can enjoy optimal roaming and consistent signal strength, which means no dropped connections. By using the latest...

DSL and Hybrid DSL/4G Home Gateways

Supercharge the home DSL experience for end-users with Vantiva Cobra DSL home gateways. Our devices help operators and their end-users get more from DSL connections, offering higher bandwidth on existing network infrastructure and enabling acce...

Homeware Operating System for Home Gateways

HOMEWARE is Vantiva’s software solution for OpenWRT home gateways. An open-source SDK for service providers, HOMEWARE provides a standard platform to build, deploy, and support new services more efficiently. We have extended OpenWRT to make it ...

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Sustainability: Vantiva’s Commitment to a Greener Industry

At Vantiva, we take responsibility for our impact on Planet Earth. We strive to become a symbol of change and that’s why we have taken proactive actions to develop an Eco-Innovation strategy that we apply across all our products’ lifecycles.

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Vantiva HERO Partnership Program

The Vantiva HERO Program is a strategic partnership initiative that accelerates the introduction of new innovative solutions and services to the Network Service providers community, stimulates new revenue streams and lays the foundation for competitive differentiation.

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