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IoT for Verticals: addressing the growing demand for smart spaces

The rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help industries and businesses save money, improve safety, enhance security and create entirely new smart spaces. Find out how Vantiva can support your organization.

IoT applications across industries


Energy management in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) is one of the most exciting and relevant opportunities for IoT solutions. Integrating IoT solutions into HVAC control systems allows businesses to offer appropriate heating and cooling to occupied rooms. Ambient light sensors and occupancy sensors allow businesses to appropriately adjust the light in rooms to reduce lighting costs.

Retail and Warehousing

More retail stores are using intelligent sensor-based systems to analyze customer behaviors. These sensors can monitor how many customers stopped in front of a display, use Bluetooth beacons to ping customers’ smartphones and analyze their movement through the store, to camera-based machine vision and Wi-Fi motion detection systems. These solutions enable a deeper understanding of customer behavior and shopping patterns.


The hospitality industry is leveraging IoT sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation to improve the guest experience guests and make building management systems, staff and administrators more effective. Hotel rooms incorporating smart home technology — such as smart lighting systems, smart thermostats, smart blinds, enhanced TV controls and smart speakers – recreate the in-home smart experience for consumers.

Building management

IoT systems in facilities management are successfully using sensor-based solutions to streamline cleaning and maintenance services. Sensor data captured from lighting, energy consumption and plumbing systems help managers stay ahead of maintenance issues, such as dead lightbulbs and plumbing leaks. This reduces costs, avoids disruptions and improves the quality of experience of people who live and/or work in these facilities.

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