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Smart Spaces

Unlock the true potential of your distributed commercial sites with our comprehensive IoT solutions. Vantiva’s turnkey solutions - from technology and design through deployment and support - deliver and accelerate digital transformation for your distributed  properties. We help business leverage the power integrated IoT solutions that combine robust connectivity, sensors, and advanced analytics.

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What you need to know about Smart Spaces


What are Smart Spaces?

Smart Spaces are traditional commercial environments, like properties, facilities, or sites that have integrated Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to elevate them to connected, intelligent and “breathing” environments. Why is it important to create smart spaces?
By integrating robust connectivity, devices, sensors and the various IoT technologies and standards, Vantiva creates intelligent ecosystems that optimize operations, security and remote management. Much like smart homes, smart spaces bring a new way to stay connected to your operations, delight your customers and protect your investment. Vantiva-powered Smart Spaces collect real-time data, enabling improved efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.


What can Vantiva do for you?

Our deep roots in connectivity technologies provides you with exceptional end-to-end solutions that are designed to unlock the true potential of your commercial operations. From design to deployment and support, Vantiva helps transform your business.
Vantiva Smart Spaces delivers:

  • World-class connectivity – Vantiva is a global leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Open device and technology platform Vantiva’s solutions are protocol-agnostic.
  • Simplified ecosystem integration.
  • Intuitive dashboards for your corporate and field teams as well as your end-customer.
  • Robust API for integration of your Smart Space data into your other IT and customer solutions (analytics, existing consumer apps).
  • End-to-end support: Vantiva manages all aspects of the project from conception to deployment and support.

Key factors when transforming your sites into Smart Spaces

SITE-WIDE CONNECTIVITY: Strong, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is the backbone of your Smart Space. Robust site wide coverage enables holistic Smart Space strategies for your business. Your connectivity solution should support a variety of wireless protocols beyond Wi-Fi.

SITE OPERATIONS: Smart Space solutions will streamline your site operations. Sensors and software can help automate management of key elements of your operations across multiple locations. Effective Smart Spaces should tie those key operational elements together, providing flexibility and scalability.

CUSTOMER OPERATIONS: Supporting your customer is essential to your business’ success. Your customers want the flexibility to engage with your business on their terms. Effective Smart Spaces enable owners and operators the ability aggregate and automate customer interactions and transactions while gaining insights into their behaviors allowing you to proactively address their needs.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Technology increases engagement, loyalty and revenue. Effective Smart Space solutions deliver value to your end customers allowing them to customize their experience based on their unique needs. As they expect new, useful, and engaging experiences and are willing to pay for it.


Vantiva Smart Spaces Benefits

  • Low up-front capital expenses (CapEx).
  • Flexible, future proof platform that mitigates your investment risk.
  • Exceptional customer experiences that can drive increased revenue.
  • Improved operational efficiency through automated and remote management.
  • Increased net operating income (NOI).

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