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Video Solutions

Give customers the content they crave – instant access to their favorite TV programming and streaming platforms, supported by branded user interfaces and popular app integrations.

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NaviGate Software Suite

Step into the future of connected living with the NaviGate™ suite – a transformative experience comprising three powerful components – NaviGate Companion™, NaviGate 5G™ , and NaviGate IQ™ – meticulously designed to amplify the...

Android TV

Android TV Software

Give your end-users a seamless viewing experience with Vantiva Android TV software. Our innovative, feature-rich Android TV software helps operators to add value to their customer experience, from easy access to their favorite apps to essential...

Soundscape Vantiva soundbar

Soundscape: Soundbar and Set-Top Box

The Vantiva Soundscape is the next-gen Android TV set-top box that combines our world-leading Android TV expertise with first-class Dolby Atmos sound. Create an immersive theater-like experience in customers’ living rooms with technology from V...


Jade: the future of the set-top box

Vantiva Jade is a set-top box (STB) that’s open, powerful, and able to deliver the seamless experiences that viewers and internet users crave. Consumers are demanding more from customer-premises equipment (CPE) – Jade was built to meet the huge...

NaviGate IQ

The television landscape has evolved drastically over the last few years. There are more video services that can be offered on any network and on any platform. For Pay-TV Operators, the main challenge is providing subscribers with the right con...

Ruby set-top box - The center piece of your connected life

Ruby is an affordable yet fully equipped Android TV video device that features a variety of current and proven technologies to ensure the best connected experience for smart home and entertainment scenarios. From audio streaming with wireless h...


RDK-V Lab Accelerator

Reference Design Kit for Video (RDK-V) is the open-source software platform that provides a broad range of video functionality to home gateways and set-top boxes (STBs). The Vantiva RDK-V Lab Accelerator is our way of contributing directly to t...

Industry Leading Technologies Partners

Sustainability: Vantiva’s Commitment to a Greener Industry

At Vantiva, we take responsibility for our impact on Planet Earth. We strive to become a symbol of change and that’s why we have taken proactive actions to develop an Eco-Innovation strategy that we apply across all our products’ lifecycles.

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Vantiva HERO Partnership Program

The Vantiva HERO Program is a strategic partnership initiative that accelerates the introduction of new innovative solutions and services to the Network Service providers community, stimulates new revenue streams and lays the foundation for competitive differentiation.

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