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Protect home gateways, set-top box (STB) platforms, and customer data with Vantiva’s advanced customer-premises equipment (CPE) security.

Improving Security for CPE Devices

Protecting customer data

Customer premises equipment (CPE) devices are now the center of operator service delivery. And the explosion in smart home technology means customers are producing more data, shared between more devices. Operators are handling huge amounts of customer data to improve their services, which makes customers more vulnerable to network attacks – effective CPE security is critical to the success of any service operator. Vantiva pre-integrates cybersecurity solutions based on network and internet activity monitoring, plus ongoing analysis to ensure user data, devices, and internet browsing is safe.

Securing the set-top-box and home gateway

Vantiva’s industry-leading device security is informed by years of working with market-leading service operators and we are one of the sew Set-top box vendors with qualified Central Authentication Service (CAS) implementations. Our home gateways include a configurable firewall and software architecture that includes an end-to-end security mechanism – across bootup, firmware upgrade, and gateway configuration to the installation of applications via lifecycle management – ensuring complete security of the home network.

Preventing content piracy

Operators need advanced CPE security to protect their video revenues, as customers access more content through over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. Vantiva protects operators and content platforms, by ensuring that video content access via CPE devices is protected as thoroughly as customer data.

Stepping up security

This new environment demands operators step up their CPE security. Vantiva’s home gateways and set-top box platforms undergo a rigorous three-step security check to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities: during development, during validation, and even once products are delivered. At regular intervals, the products are validated by independent 3rd-party security labs. This ensures that operators – and their customers – know their data and devices are protected by first-class security.

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