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Unlock the full potential of far-field voice technology and voice assistants for customers.

Voice assistants: A New Field of User Interaction

Powering new experiences with voice

Vantiva empowers operators to offer a voice control experience that works seamlessly with popular voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We provide effective voice control implementation in both broadband and video ranges, enabling operators to generate value and consumer loyalty, boost innovation roadmaps, and secure a long-term competitive advantage.

Bringing far-field voice home

Our experience in voice assistant hardware and software integration creates a richer experience for customers in their home environment. Vantiva enables new functionality for voice assistants by developing voice control skills tailored to specific devices – whether that’s setting up Wi-Fi guest access or controlling smart home devices. Our integration enables virtual assistants to leverage voice commands in context – so when a user launches a movie, they can also dim the lights automatically.

Years of voice recognition expertise

Voice recognition software requires strong hardware expertise to be truly effective – and we’ve been working with digital assistants since 2015. Our hardware expertise, developed over years of working with this technology, enables us to create an experience optimized to the user’s voice, backed by a strong test protocol to ensure the efficiency of voice technology of our devices.

The future of voice control

Vantiva has successfully and skillfully implemented far-field voice technology into different devices, such as our Jade set-top box and EAGLE Wi-Fi extenders. These devices combine design and technology innovations – such as separating the speaker voice from ambient sound, a microphone-friendly cabinet design, and additional audio processing – to ensure every user’s voice is clear and recognizable. Our approach to the voice assistant experience is a constant process of evolving, understanding, and mastering the technology.

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