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Give customers uninterrupted wireless connectivity with Vantiva’s whole home mesh Wi-Fi solutions.

Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi connectivity across the home

Customers are relying on an ever-growing network of Wi-Fi-connected devices. From phones to refrigerators, homes are filled with devices desperate for connectivity. But meeting this demand requires more than stronger Wi-Fi coverage – modern home networks need an intelligent and reliable Mesh Wi-Fi system to provide whole-home coverage, without interference.

A seamless wireless experience

Vantiva’s proven first-to-market position on disruptive broadband technologies has been firmly established over the last 20 years. Our latest offering, Wi-Fi XL, allows operators to provide multi-user gigabit services throughout the home. It combines Vantiva’s expertise in wireless antenna design and optimized Wi-Fi implementation embedded in our new home gateways, extenders, and set-top boxes, with the latest Wi-Fi alliance technology standards such as Wi-Fi 7 and additional layers of innovative software for more advanced functionality.

Coverage and connectivity

We integrate the EasyMesh™ protocol, which ensures a seamless wireless experience in any corner of the home. As a whole home mesh Wi-Fi solution, it uses an intelligent combination of Wi-Fi home gateways, Wi-Fi extenders, and Wi-Fi management apps to create a consistent wireless experience – every Wi-Fi extender is automatically integrated into the home network, and customer devices seamlessly connect to the best Wi-Fi signal in any part of the home, with no loss of connection.

High customer satisfaction

This enhanced network ensures wireless issues are resolved automatically whenever possible, minimizing downtime for users and the need for tech support. This means seamless Wi-Fi, without exception – reducing the number of calls to your helpdesk and driving increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Premium Wi-Fi 6 Experience

Vantiva Wi-Fi XL Delivering Multi user Gigabit Services Throughout the Home

Vantiva Wi Fi Test Houses

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