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Join us at Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies Conference to connect with leading cable operators and to learn how to utilize the latest technologies critical to being successful in the industry.

Don’t miss out CTO Charles Cheevers in the panel discussion “DOCSIS 4.0: the rollout begins”

The much-anticipated debut of DOCSIS 4.0 has finally arrived, with such major cablecos as Comcast, Charter, Cox, Vodafone, Liberty Global and others either starting or preparing to deploy the service and vendors pumping out the amplifiers, taps, nodes, modems and other gear to support the new spec. In this session, the panel will look at where the industry stands with both Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD), including the first commercial deployments as well as the latest tech and field trials, equipment developments and spectrum upgrade plans.

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