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Document types related to regulatory information are:

  • Open sources
  • Power consumption (EU)
  • Declarations of conformity (EU)
  • FFC part 68 User info (USA)
  • FFC part 15B  SDoCs (USA)
  • Wall Mount Instructions

If you have questions about a product bought from a distributor or a reseller, or received from on an operator, please contact directly your distributor, reseller or operator support service.

About open source software

You may find the Open Source Software used or provided as embedded into the software of your product and their corresponding licenses and version number, to the extent required by applicable terms.
Source code for Open Source Software for products is made available for free upon request, according to the terms of the relevant Open Source Software license(s), if and where applicable. For avoidance of doubt, Open Source Software is only licensed by the original owner of the Open Source Software under the terms set forth in the designated Open Source License.

Energy Efficiency – Eco-design information on External Power Supplies

In accordance with Annex II, point 2(b) of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/1782 of October 2019 laying down Ecodesign requirements for external power supplies pursuant to Directive 2019/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and repealing Commission Regulation (EC) n° 278/2009, please refer to the link where you can find the information of external power supply by model name.