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September 13, 2019
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By George Gelavis, CEO, hoppr
By deploying Technicolor (known as Vantiva) STBs with hoppr software installed, NSPs can provide advertisers with ad space in a new place.

Listen to “CPE-based Targeted Advertising Opens Door to Larger Role for NSP Seeking New Revenue Streams”

New developments in CPE-based advertising technology are creating a broad range of new opportunities for Network Service Providers (NSPs) to tap into an important and sustainable stream of revenue. While NSPs have long owned and operated the networks and customer premises equipment (CPE) that deliver advertising messages to consumers’ homes, operators have largely been left out of the revenue that is generated.

The recent partnership between hoppr and Technicolor is about to change all of that. The two companies have teamed up to bring the established digital advertising domain to TV. We are focused on opening up the traditional TV advertising landscape and expanding it to become an easily accessible format to both buy and deliver.

For those not aware of Australia-based hoppr ( and what we have accomplished since our launch in 2016, the company has successfully established a unique, interactive set of technologies that extends advertisers’ messaging and branding on Android mobile devices. With hopprTV, we bring our experience to the TV space.

We have partnered with Technicolor – one of the world’s largest set-top boxes (STBs) manufacturers – to create hoppr TV software for STBs. Working through the Technicolor Hero Program of strategic partners, we have integrated hoppr TV into the Android TV operating system that powers Technicolor STBs.

By deploying Technicolor STBs with hoppr software installed, NSPs can provide advertisers with ad space in a new place. This enables NSPs to offer advertisers highly customized and tightly targeted advertising opportunities by delivering advertising content direct to customers’ STBs, while providing rich, real-time reporting and analytics that sharpen the effectiveness – and accountability – of brands’ marketing strategies.

The beauty of this solution is that we can take advantage of the developments in the digital advertising space, where most of the process has been automated. The integrated hoppr and Technicolor solution eliminates a lot of the complex processes associated with placing advertisements into the market. It is an area of opportunity that is already large – and projected to explode.

Advertising on top of OTT platforms and devices has emerged as a significant revenue generating opportunity for service providers. Analysts at Juniper Research project that AI-based targeted advertising will grow from $294 billion in 2019 to reach $520 billion by 2023.

At IBC 2019 in Amsterdam this week, we will be demonstrating how hoppr TV has been fully integrated into the Technicolor Android TV STB. This means that NSPs will not need to modify the software stack already on Technicolor STBs. The joint deployment of hoppr TV has been integrated, validated and tested to ensure the combination of offerings is highly stable and reliable.

Security and Privacy Top Priority of Joint Offering

Since the partnership between the two companies was initiated, the joint teams have placed the highest priority on ensuring the security and privacy of customers and advertisers alike. The joint offering is being deployed with high levels of data encryption, and we’ve built our technology from the ground up to be GDPR compliant. To protect advertisers, we have also developed comprehensive ads.txt measures for fraud detection.

By creating an environment that supports direct communications among NSPs, advertisers and consumers, hoppr and Technicolor are opening opportunities for operators to productively and safely engage with connected home consumers in ways that add value and build trust.