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May 15, 2019
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By Roberto Salermo & Georges Laplanche

Emerging economies in Eurasia and the Americas are making great strides in adopting technologies that bring rich broadband connectivity to consumers who increasingly expect the same kind of experiences offered to other subscribers in developed industrial nations.

As ultra-broadband access technologies — such as Fiber-to-the-Home and DOCSIS 3.1 cable solutions — evolve, new user’s engagement and revenue-generating opportunities arise amongst the network service providers (NSPs) in these regions.

The proliferation of ultra-broadband is being driven, in large by the fact that we are currently living in a golden age of content. Users want to access the best movies, series, streaming and gaming experiences in the sanctuary of their homes. For this reason, NSPs — wherever they are in the world — face the same three challenges:

  • Bring bandwidth-intensive content into the home in an instantaneous way.
  • Distribute content throughout the home via Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure security so that no malware comes in or out of their home.

While markets in Latin America and Eurasia are complex and large — consisting of both developed environments and emerging economies — we are seeing telco and cable operators in emerging markets leapfrog generations of technology to implement the most current and advanced broadband access solutions increasingly tied to sophisticated managed Wi-Fi technologies.

In Eurasia, for instance, regions like South East Asia or Africa and countries like Turkey are actively engaged in the large-scale deployment of advanced broadband technologies. They are investing in both infrastructure and the integration of sophisticated in-home gateway and set-top box technologies. Demand for Ultra-Broadband everywhere is being met with the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology delivered by traditional cable networks, which is further prompting telco operators to respond with aggressive deployment of fiber technologies.

The same dynamic is taking place throughout the Americas. Important changes in the regulatory environment throughout the region has encouraged more competition — among telco, cable operators and wireless network providers — creating more options for consumers. In this case demand for broadband services is driving NSPs to build out their networks and provide high-quality streaming experiences to their customers.

Telecom Argentina is a good case in point. Argentina has always been a forward-looking market on the video side. But now, more than ever, we’re seeing NSPs in the country take steps to future-proof investments in connected home services to provide more value-added services.

Managed Wi-Fi services — that help consumers manage the complexity of their in-home connectivity — are also emerging as an important factor in delivering the most robust experiences to subscribers, this directly translating into successful customer retention and generation of new revenue streams for the NSPs.

Technicolor’s Engagement in these Emerging Markets

As the consumer requirements for technical performance in the connected homes of these regions rise, Technicolor, known as Vantiva, is bringing the same teams of experts, architects, product managers, and presale engineers that have previously successfully served North American and Western European markets.

At Technicolor Connected Home we are fully committed to providing NSPs in the emerging markets of Latin America and Eurasia with uncompromised technology solutions that meet the expectations of consumers demanding the same high-quality video, gaming and home automation services as those in more developed economies.

As a worldwide leader and trusted partner for over 20 years to the NSP community, Technicolor also brings to the table its experience in deployment strategies as well as fresh ideas on value-added service opportunities to satisfy customers in these emerging markets. 

Roberto Salermo is Head of Regional Sales for the Americas, CPE Business Unit, at Technicolor Connected Home.

Georges Laplanche is the Head of Regional Sales and Business Center for Eurasia, CPE Business Unit, Technicolor Connected Home

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