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November 28, 2023
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In an ever-evolving operational business activities, the transition from campus life to the demanding world of corporations can be a daunting leap for young talents. However, thanks to Vantiva’s novel “Campus to operational business activities ” internship program, this transition is being reshaped, equipping interns with vital skills and a corporate mindset, setting them up for resounding success.

Vantiva’s mission is clear: to bridge the gap between academia and corporate environments, providing interns with a holistic and immersive experience. With a track record of onboarding 12 interns in India, 5 in France and 3 in the USA for this year, the program is proving its efficacy in molding the future leaders of the corporate world.

Central to this program is a series of training sessions that delve into the intricacies of corporate communication, time management, and the critical shift in mindset required for excelling in the fast-paced corporate sphere. This isn’t just a theoretical exercise—Vantiva’s approach is hands-on, enabling interns to apply these learnings in real-world scenarios.

In India, the “Campus to Corporate” program was established since 2019 and on an average we onboard 10 – 15 interns every year. The overall average rate of conversion of interns to full time employees is 80%.
The India and US iteration of the program offers a transformative two-week boot camp that covers a gamut of crucial topics. Interns will gain a comprehensive foundation in HR, Administration, IT, Payroll, Quality Management Systems, security protocols, attendance management, and soft skills training. Armed with this comprehensive foundation, interns emerge poised to tackle the challenges that await them.

A pivotal aspect of the “Campus to Corporate” initiative is the cultivation of collaborative and team management skills. Vantiva orchestrates four interactive training sessions designed to nurture professionalism, foster a positive attitude, and master the intricacies of email etiquette and effective communication, encompassing both verbal and non-verbal aspects. These sessions delve into essential soft skills such as organizational acumen, workplace professionalism, email composition, organizational communication dynamics, and the art of effective teamwork.

However, Vantiva’s commitment doesn’t stop at technical proficiency. The program extends its focus to personal growth, emphasizing the significance of goal setting, team-based activities, and stress management training. As a result, interns emerge not only as adept professionals but also as well-rounded individuals ready to navigate the demands of the business ecosystem.

In France, Vantiva’s Interns Initiative is yet another dimension of their commitment to cultivating future leaders. This initiative encompasses diverse endeavors, from discovery days for high school students to extended internships for university scholars and VIE(International corporate volunteering) programs for freshly graduated talents in the US.

The discovery days provide a unique opportunity for high school students to grasp the inner workings of a company, interacting with experts across various domains. University students, on the other hand, embark on internships ranging from 6 to 24 months, gaining hands-on experience that propels their growth in their chosen fields. Meanwhile, VIE programs offer young European graduates the chance to spread their wings in foreign lands, embracing new cultures and professional challenges.

Ultimately, Vantiva is not just offering internships; they’re ushering in a paradigm shift in how young talents prepare for the corporate world. As they continue to welcome eager students into their transformative program, Vantiva is charting a course for a generation of professionals who are primed to excel and innovate in the corporate realm.

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