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March 24, 2023
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Complimentary report for Network Service Providers to understand the interplay with cable and fiber broadband technologies

5G Fixed wireless access is a scalable, cost-efficient high-speed broadband technology that offers the full spectrum of network service providers (NSPs) around the world impressive growth potential by opening markets that have been challenged to receive broadband services — such as areas with poor or no connectivity and places where fiber or cable deployment is cost prohibitive..

This was the central conclusion of a recent webinar: Maximizing Opportunities with 5G FWA: A Network Service Provider’s Guide to Understanding the Interplay with Cable and Fiber Broadband Technologies, featuring a BizTechReports interview with Olivier Lafontaine, product management director at VANTIVA. Over the 45-minute executive discussion, Lafontaine described the key trends and developments defining the trajectory of 5G fixed wireless access deployments.

Key points and observations:

  • As 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) services continue to make headlines around the world, competition is heating up for mobile and broadband service providers. In the process, connected homes are being exposed to new internet access options.
  • To fully maximize the potential of 5G FWA, it will be essential to understand how this rapidly emerging category of broadband access works across an ecosystem that integrates fiber, cable and other traditional technologies delivering fixed broadband services to connected homes.
  • A complex combination of variables, including — but not limited to — geography, demographics and the existing state of network infrastructure connecting residential communities to the internet, must be clearly understood to make rational business and technological decisions about the potential role of 5G in any particular service area. The most important deciding factor revolves around how to harness the inherent economic benefits of 5G FWA.
  • Another critical value proposition to explore and understand is associated with the fact that — unlike fiber or cable connectivity — the right 5G FWA solutions can be self-installed by subscribers. This has a major impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO) of delivering broadband connectivity to the home.
  • VANTIVA has spent considerable time and investment developing a mobile app that identifies the optimal placement of 5G CPE in the home.
  • The app, NaviGate 5G™, is available for Android and iOS devices. In addition, VANTIVA has some of the highest-rated 5G CPEs in the market. They feature proprietary antennas designed to improve signal performance to and throughout the home.
  • VANTIVA works closely with partner operators to surface and identify nearby towers and ensure our app can be downloaded straightforwardly. We also engage with operators who do not want to leave tower choice up to their customers. These steps greatly reduce the time needed for self-installation while improving the user experience.

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