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October 18, 2022
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October 18th, 2022–This September the network service provider (NSP) community gathered in person at IBC 2022 and SCTE 2022 for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic halted live events. The timing for these conferences coincided with Technicolor’s rebranding to VANTIVA. To discuss the implications of this corporate action, senior executives of the company hosted a recent media roundtable with members of the press and analyst communities to:

  • Provide context on the transition from Technicolor to VANTIVA; and
  • Present VANTIVA’s strategic perspective on the future of the connected home market.   

Shifts in Landscape Driving Rebrand 

Responding to questions about the rationale behind the spinoff of Technicolor Creative Studios (TCS), Luis Martinez-Amago — chief executive officer for VANTIVA — explained that the strong financial and operational performance of each group provided a foundation for each to operate independently.

“In so doing, the leadership of both organizations will now be able to move forward without carrying the ‘conglomerate discount’ associated with both operations functioning under a single corporate umbrella,” he said. 

As a result, the two organizations will not only be able to enhance shareholder value but also provide the leadership teams of both groups to address the evolving needs of these two very different markets.

“The rebrand of Technicolor to VANTIVA puts the connected home and supply chain services operations in an excellent position to pursue many paths forward to a successful future,” said Martinez-Amago. 

In the years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, the connected home operations of VANTIVA instituted a number of transformation initiatives in product development and supply chain optimization that has enhanced its market leading position as a provider of customer premises equipment (CPE) that delivers high-quality broadband and immersive video content experiences in the home. 

Positive Market Response

According to Mercedes Pastor, senior vice president of the global customer unit for VANTIVA, the response to the separation of operations has been well received by the market.

“In conversations with both customers and prospects, this corporate action is being viewed as a significant and positive step. Our transformation initiatives, which started three years ago, has positioned VANTIVA to confidently and credibly support a wider portfolio of services and products for the global network service provider industry. It has enabled us to pursue a strong strategy of diversification that will continue to support our efforts to maintain our leadership position in an extremely competitive market,” Pastor explained. 

New Consumer Behaviors and the Future of the Set-Top Box

The ability to move rapidly and decisively in the connected home market will only grow in importance as consumer demand for video content selection evolves, noted Leopold Diouf, Senior Vice President of the Video Division for VANTIVA.

“Entertainment and video content consumption has grown rapidly, and we expect this trend to continue upwards,” said Diouf. “Content consumption has continued to accelerate through 2022. Content creators and service providers have worked diligently to provide new services to meet this demand. In so doing, however, the level of complexity associated with navigating services and finding content people want to enjoy has reason substantially.”

There is, however, no single content delivery strategy that will work across all markets. Regional preferences and economic conditions require NSPs to tailor their mix of offerings carefully…and cost-effectively

“While NSPs in North America and Europe have been deploying new innovations to markets at a rapid pace because of the high average revenue per user (ARPU) of those customer profiles, other regions require a different approach. For markets in Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America, NSPs are searching for devices to support rising demand for content services while keeping prices affordable for consumers,” said Diouf.

To best address all these requirements, VANTIVA is deploying a wide array of open platforms across its portfolio of products to provide NSPs with the flexibility to present the mix of services that are most appropriate for the markets they service.

“This is a concept that we have implemented for both set-top boxes (STBs) in the video ecosystem as well as broadband access with our cable, fiber, satellite and CPEs,” adds Pastor.

Preparing for Risk and Supply Chain Disruption

The long-term thinking behind VANTIVA’s open platform approach is critical to producing CPE and other services in a dynamic marketplace. This is especially true in the wake of extensive supply chain disruption throughout the pandemic. As a result, VANTIVA is prepared to support NSPs when – not if – other disruptions occur in the future. 

“This is nothing new for the industry. The last five years have seen the memory shortage, the ceramic material (MLCC) crisis and — most-recently — COVID-19 and a war in Europe. We fully expect turbulence, including other geopolitical crises, to continue surfacing. This will require us to continue investing in supply chain continuity, agility, resilience and transparency,” he concludes. 

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