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June 24, 2021
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New Solution is Ideal for Densely Populated Urban and Suburban Markets Underserved by Wired Broadband Access Infrastructure

PARIS, JUNE 28, 2021 – Technicolor Connected Home, known as Vantiva, unveils 5G OMNI OUTDOOR CPE, a revolutionary 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE).

As 5G spectrum auctions continue to take place in many countries, 5G networks are being rolled out at an unprecedented pace. Technicolor’s 5G OMNI OUTDOOR CPE enables telecommunication operators to deliver broadband services to their residential and enterprise customers through 5G wireless connectivity and attain the benefits of the newly available capacity in the C-band (around 3.5GHz). Deployed outdoors, Technicolor 5G OMNI CPE terminates the 5G connection and delivers the broadband service into the home through any indoor residential router such as Technicolor GAZELLE Ethernet products.

“At Technicolor Connected Home, we are leveraging our experience in deploying over 2 million units of LTE-enabled CPEs, to offer an innovative 5G FWA solution that can reduce subscriber acquisition costs while meeting the burgeoning demand for reliable broadband access generated by the work-at-home paradigm,” said Girish Naganathan, SVP, Broadband Product Unit.

4G and 5G outdoor CPEs traditionally require roof mounting, accurate pointing, and line-of-sight, making their installation very complex and costly. Indeed, traditional installation techniques require a truck roll from an engineering professional installer who must spend several hours at the customer’s home. Technicolor’s 5G OMNI OUTDOOR CPE is equipped with an Outdoor5GTM antenna system that does not require line-of-sight alignment and therefore doesn’t need to be installed on the roof. The installation is greatly simplified as the outdoor unit (ODU) can be wall-mounted close to the window, or simply attached to the balcony railing to deliver superior 5G speeds from these locations. The ODU is designed for self-installation by the subscriber and professional installation becomes an option.

This is the latest development in Technicolor Connected Home’s ongoing commitment to leveraging open and innovative technologies for network service providers (NSPs) around the world. The ultimate goal is to help NSPs deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to consumers by creating best-in-class CPE and partnering with the most innovative companies in the connected home ecosystem.

Technicolor’s 5G OMNI OUTDOOR CPE is designed to work in densely populated environments and can cope with signal interference and reflection. It is an ideal solution for urban and suburban locations, where most of the world’s population resides. The solution has garnered significant interest from operators looking to replace existing DSL installations in places where fiber may not be planned soon.  With Technicolor’s 5G OMNI OUTDOOR CPE, operators can offer premium 5G speeds to their customers and gradually decommission their copper network.

“The 5G OMNI OUTDOOR CPE is the foundation of Technicolor Connected Home’s new 5G FWA complete product line. You will see us rolling out a complete range of outdoor and indoor CPEs to fully enable 5G as an alternative home connectivity WAN solution. Operators invest in their cellular network at an impressive pace to provide mobile services. With our 5G home gateways, they can leverage this investment to also provide FWA for a marginal cost” said Naganathan.


Carole Bernard

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