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July 30, 2019
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Technicolor’s Connected Home, known as Vantiva, business has shipped more than 4 million units of DOCSIS 3.1 devices to cable providers in the EMEA, APAC, and Americas regions. In North America, the leading cable providers accounted for the deployment of 3 million units, with Latin America and Eurasia shipping an additional 1 million units.

The milestone solidifies the leadership position that the company has established and maintained since network service providers around the world began the rapid process of adoption of DOCSIS 3.1 technology in 2017. Technicolor has worked with network service providers around the globe to provide customer premises equipment that delivers ultra-broadband access, as well as the services and applications that depend on bandwidth intensive infrastructures.

“The pace at which the industry has embraced this technology speaks to how committed cable operators around the world are to meet the surging expectations and demands from their broadband users. DOCSIS 3.1 is creating new opportunities for innovation over existing cable infrastructures by enabling operators to deliver ultra-broadband services to their homes,” said Luis Martinez-Amago, Deputy CEO Technicolor, President of Connected Home. “Technicolor is the leading supplier to large North American cable operators including Comcast, Charter, Cox, Rogers, Videotron and Shaw, and we have also partnered with service providers like Vodafone Group, Telecom Argentina, Mediacom and WoW to bring new broadband intensive services to users. Our reach with this technology is expanding rapidly with support from key distribution partners, including Normann Engineering, Scansatec and Klonex.”

Innovation, Open Environments and Partnership Key to Technicolor’s DOCSIS 3.1 Success

Technicolor is working to expand the broadband offering to innovative applications that enable better performance of video delivery services such as new gaming experiences, home automation services or internet-of-things (IoT) applications.

As such, beyond bringing gigabit-speed throughput to the home, the DOCIS 3.1 era has allowed Technicolor to innovate at the application layer providing new broadband user engagement and revenue generation opportunities for service providers. In addition, Technicolor’s worldwide leadership in DOCSIS 3.1-unit shipments is complemented by ongoing services development that enables the company to deliver a feature-rich RDK-B software stack with its products.

“We are building upon our long heritage of contributing to the RDK community by adding additional features to this software stack. We are working with a growing community of best-of-breed partners to deliver value-added capabilities on top of Technicolor’s hardware and middleware stacks. By collaborating with operators and our strategic partners in a more open environment, we have been able to offer more speed and better user experience on platforms that enable more agility, intelligence and intuitive services than ever before in the history of the connected home market,” Martinez-Amago explained. “DOCSIS 3.1 opens the door to new opportunities for operators searching for better and differentiated ways to serve broadband users.”

Technicolor will continue to be a strategic partner for cable operators as the industry transforms and develops.

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