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April 13, 2023
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The Role of Commercial IoT in Transforming the Multi-Dwelling Unit Industry

According to analysts at Parks Associates, over one-third of U.S. MDU property managers report offering Internet of Things (IoT) IoT and smart home devices to residents in at least one property they manage. As IoT technologies continue to mature at an ever accelerating rate, the property management industry is uniquely positioned to take the integration of consumers’ physical and digital lives to the next level.

Vantiva is leveraging its position as the leading global provider of connected home solutions to address the IoT needs of the MDU community. To learn more about the evolving role of commercial IoT and how it is transforming the multi-dwelling unit industry, we sat down with Reza Raji, senior vice president of IoT at Vantiva.


Key points and observations

  • While IoT has been getting a lot of press attention in recent years, the underlying technologies have been around for decades.
  • Specific elements of IoT are used by leaders in the multi-dwelling unit sector to manage a wide array of operations that improve compliance, streamline processes and — in an increasing number of cases — generate new revenue streams.
  • IoT enables the collection and aggregation of data that can then be processed to generate real-time and predictive analytics through artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).
  • It can be utilized to collect, aggregate, and use data to automate simple functions — such as setting thermostat levels and controlling exterior lights — in a manner that optimizes efficiency to create savings.
  • Compliance and liability management are among the most important — and complex — issues property owners and managers must address to run health businesses.
  • IoT solutions can be applied to address high-priority safety and compliance issues.
  • It can prevent water leakage from happening in the first place — or detect it as quickly as possible — saving enormous sums of money while preventing safety and health issues from worsening, like slippery floors and black mold.
  • IoT can be applied for rodent detection by integrating sensors and traps that wirelessly communicate their status. Monitoring and controlling common pests across the board can have a massive impact because it is both a health and safety issue. It is a preventative measure that IoT solutions can streamline and optimize. 
  • IoT can help MDU managers and owners ensure the safety of tenants through centralized and automated security systems to significantly reduce liability issues.
  • Vantiva comes at the challenge from a position of strength because the company’s decades of experience and expertise in delivering internet, Wi-Fi connectivity and integration services to residential environments.
  • Vantiva has been enabling connected homes around the world for decades. The company’s connectivity and wireless solutions are used by more than 250 operators globally.
  • These pillars of competencies uniquely position Vantiva to deliver integrated IoT solutions to ensure safe, reliable, stable, high-performance IoT services to the MDU market.

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