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May 24, 2019
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Wi-Fi is about to experience a major revolution. With the ever-increasing number of Wi-Fi connected devices and the associated amount of data they exchange, as well as Wi-Fi interference, maintaining the status quo will not keep customers happy. Connectivity-quality-levels will be paramount to satisfying customers’ needs.

Wi-Fi 6, the latest version of the wireless standard, will be pivotal to successfully meeting consumer demand and establishing new lines of offerings and revenues for network service providers. This technology is a real step forward in helping customers get the most out of their connected devices.

For a clear understanding of all Wi-Fi 6 benefits, have a look at this infographic in which we highlight how you can leverage this new technology to bring a premium set of wireless services to market while improving brand loyalty.

To learn more about Wi-Fi 6, you can download our white paper here:

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