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June 3, 2020
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5G is expected to provide extraordinarily fast data rates and low latency – and to enable many completely new services and products.

Technicolor, known as Vantiva, is at the forefront of 5G Home Gateways for Fixed Wireless Access, as we showcased the first product, based on the new integrated chipset – SDX55 from Qualcomm – at Broadband World Forum in October 2019 in Amsterdam.

5G can be difficult to understand as this technology currently covers three major frequency ranges, each of them with different characteristics. Below, we have listed the differences between each of them:

  • Low frequency (<1GHz): These are “Golden Bands” for good building penetration and long-distance reach of mobile equipment.
  • Mid bands “sub6” (1~6GHz): The 3.4~3.8GHz band is generally the first deployment band for 5G in most countries; good to moderate penetration and reach.
  • mmWave (above 6GHz): These provide an extremely short practical range (tens of meters) but amazing bandwidth (in preparation for Gigabit services).

To help you compare how several use cases perform, according to each of these three frequency ranges, we have developed a simple infographic that you can download here.

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