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April 20, 2023
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As the television industry continues to evolve with an increasing number of video services available to consumers, NSPs are facing a significant challenge on how to provide subscribers with the right content mix at the right price and with the highest quality of service? To achieve this, operators must have a deep understanding of their subscribers’ video consumption habits and preferences. This is where Vantiva’s NaviGate IQ™ Solution comes in. 

By leveraging the Android TV software environment, Vantiva‘s Navigate IQ™ Solution provides operators with valuable insights into their subscribers’ video service consumption. With a lightweight monitoring agent running on the subscriber’s set-top-box (STB), the analytics monitoring agent reports secured and anonymous data consisting of diagnostics and user interaction events that are aggregated and processed by a back-end visualization platform. 

The resulting output is presented as an analytics dashboard displaying trends and usage patterns over a population of subscribers. The Vantiva Analytics visualization platform enables operators to access critical information on content usage, service usage, quality of experience, and customer support. 

One of the primary benefits of the Vantiva NaviGate IQ™ solution is that it requires only limited integration effort to adapt it to the operator environment, allowing operators to concentrate on the consolidated analytics information, identify trends, and adjust the service to improve the subscriber experience. 

Vantiva‘s NaviGate IQ™ solution can help operators answer critical questions about their services, such as audience profiles, the actual audience of newly launched channels, popular applications installed on STBs, content preferences, percentage of STBs connected via Wi-Fi as well as Wi-Fi issues and other technical aspects of the service. 

Overall, the Vantiva NaviGate IQ™ solution enables the monitoring of the four functional areas, including content usage, service usage, quality of experience, and customer support. This makes it a valuable tool for marketing teams that want to understand the relevance of TV content offers and the services that are of interest to subscribers. It is also useful for the technical operations team that monitors the commercial TV network and the quality assurance team, that needs information on the performance metrics of the network. 

In conclusion, Vantiva‘s NaviGate IQ™ Solution is changing NSPs’ understanding of subscribers’ consumption habits, enabling them to make informed decisions that will enhance the overall subscriber experience. With Vantiva’s NaviGate IQ™ Solution, operators can unlock valuable insights into their subscribers’ behavior, optimize their content acquisition, adjust their pricing strategies, and address subscribers’ pain points proactively. 

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