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January 6, 2023
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Over the past 4 decades, our teams of engineers and experts have continued to push the edge of what is possible with optical discs.  Back in 1984, we manufactured our first compact disc using the Nimbus Halliday Laser Mastering System in the UK.  Through years of improvements and enhancements our teams have continued to produce, warehouse, and ship high quality CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, Blu Ray 3D, and Ultra HD Blue-Ray Discs for major movie and music studios.

At the peak of consumers watching DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs in 2011, Vantiva (previously Technicolor) was responsible for an annual output of over 1.5 billion discs across all our facilities including North America, Europe, and Australia. Since 2001, Vantiva has been responsible for making and shipping over 25 billion discs.

In 1994, Technicolor made their first compact disc in a new California facility which the Los Angeles Times said at the time was a “gamble that the photo and video compact disc market will expand exponentially once computer CDs replace videotapes as the primary unit of information storage and retrieval.” The so called “gamble” has paid off and changed the way major motion picture studios and game publishers delivered content to their consumers.

In 1996, Technicolor and Nimbus merged businesses to embrace the newest technology called digital versatile disc (DVD). Companies were looking for one partner to manufacture, package and distribute DVDs. By combining our people, systems and talents, this new company had a huge head start over the competition.

As DVD player prices decreased and more people were moving away from VHS tapes to the DVD format, Vantiva was manufacturing over 1 billion DVDs annually by 2004. As Blu Ray technology entered the market, we pivoted again to support the increased demand for this improved technology for movie loving fans.

In 2017, Ultra HD Blu Ray was added to the lineup of ways to watch movies at home. As Hollywood studios demanded higher quality technology for their audience to enjoy, we were able to support the continued evolution.

Through the years as the world’s #1 disc manufacturer and fulfillment company, we have sustained the needs of our clients in supplying the world with discs for movies, music, TV shows, video games and software. As consumers’ habits shift towards streaming services, Vantiva continues to pivot again with kitting box sets, shipping direct to consumer movie and artist merchandise, and manufacturing vinyl records.

If your business needs to ship 25 units or 25,000,000,000 widgets, Vantiva has a solution for you. Contact us with your supply chain challenges and see where experience meets innovation.