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September 9, 2022
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Vantiva team at IBC 2022

AMSTERDAM September 9, 2022 Vantiva, the brand that will replace the Technicolor corporate name by the end of September, is making its debut during IBC 2022, which is being held from September 9th to September 12th at the RAI in Amsterdam.

Vantiva experts and executives will be on hand during the conference and exposition to showcase connected home technologies and applications that are embedded in broadband customer premises equipment (CPE). Innovations that will be on display at the Vantiva booth include solutions that support: Augmented Fitness, Smart Home, Gaming, Home Hub, Voice Controls, ECO Innovation, In-Home Wireless Connectivity, Home Network Control and TV Analytics.

“The connected home industry is, once again, at a critical point of transformation. IBC 2022 offers an opportunity for Vantiva to demonstrate how operators can leverage the latest developments in technology and applications to deploy the next generation of revenue-generating services while reducing their cost structure,” says Mercedes Pastor, senior vice president of global CPE unit at Vantiva.

Vantiva will showcase offerings that focus on delivering innovative and immersive experiences to consumers as well as dedicated analytical software solutions. Applications and products that will be demonstrated during IBC include:

  • Augmented Fitness — Vantiva has developed software upgradable set-top boxes (STBs) that open the door to applications that transcend traditional consumption of video, gaming and entertainment services in the home.This new offering will be demonstrated by Vantiva with its Jade STB connected by bluetooth to a bicycle. Consumers can enjoy the experience of cycling the iconic roads of the Tour de France or other engaging scenery from the TV in their living room.   
  • Smart Home Control — The new generation of Vantiva STBs provide connected home control hub functionality that connects, integrates and manages multiple smart devices on a single screen. The highly intuitive user interface (UI) — enabling plug-and-play adoption — will be showcased at the Vantiva booth.
  • Soundscape — Powered by Android TV 12, eight JBL speakers, 150 watts of epic sound and Dolby Atmos, the latest upgrades to Vantiva’s Soundscape  offer a peek into the future of next-generation entertainment with true cinematic experience for the home. Visit our Soundscape page
  • Home Network Control  — The Vantiva Navigate App allows consumers to adjust features to their home networks in a number of ways via mobile phone. Consumers are able to set up Wi-Fi working times for each device in the home, establish guest access, implement parental controls and onboard new wireless devices. The easy-to-use system offered by the Navigate App creates stickiness with subscribers as they grow accustomed to this simple solution that controls and manages their home networks.
  • Gaming — As the online gaming market continues to surge, Vantiva will exhibit a new generation of high-powered CPE that offers connected home users access to infinite possibilities while creating a powerful new source of revenue for operators.
  • Voice Control  —  The future of positive user experience is now inextricably tied to natural voice interaction. Vantiva is a leading innovator in this critical category of technology. Vantiva will illustrate how its Genie Wi-Fi extenders, enhanced audio and state-of-the-art Jade STB features deliver best-in-class experiences. See more about voice assistants solutions
  • Eco-Innovation  — Consumer expectations  —  and governmental requirements  —  for eco-sustainability are rising. Operators are under pressure to reduce their impact on the environment. Learn how Vantiva incorporates sustainability practices into every operational aspect of the millions if devices it produces and ships annually..
  • TV Analytics  — Capturing and applying insights based on user interaction with devices, applications and services is the key to competitive differentiation in today’s market. TV Analytics technologies from Vantiva effectively  —  and ethically  — use the Android TV software environment to process and consolidate all relevant information to enable data-driven decision-making. Vantiva’s TV Analytics solution requires minimal integration. This allows operators to rapidly leverage consolidated analytics information to identify trends and potential risks. Visit our TV analytics page
  • Optimizing Advertising Opportunities with Jade— Vantiva will demonstrate how operators can tap into the multi-billion-dollar digital advertising market when its Jade STB is integrated with HopprTV and 3SS user interface (UI) solutions. The joint offering delivers measurable, targeted advertising directly to TV screens. It is an original solution that does not require additional development or investment in CAPEX infrastructure from PayTV operators. Read our article
  • Open and Intelligent Gateways  — Vantiva recognizes the importance of enabling high-speed connectivity to  —  and throughout  —  the home regardless of access type. As a result, Vantiva gateways are based on open-source software stacks, making it possible to leverage investments in a single CPE platform to simultaneously support GPON, DOCSIS 3.0, 5G, and other broadband access technologies. Vantiva gateway solutions also integrate ubiquitous high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity that can be remotely monitored and managed by operators. This allows network service providers to monetize investments in STBs by creating opportunities to offer value-added “white-glove” services while reducing inbound traffic to call centers to bring down OPEX costs. Visit our open software page

Visit Vantiva at Amsterdam RAI: Hall 1, Booth B11 (1.B11).

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