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February 26, 2023
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As 5G Deployments Accelerate, VANTIVA Addresses Growing Need for Innovative 5G Fixed Wireless Access CPE 

Barcelona — February 26, 2023 — VANTIVA (Euronext Paris: VANTI; OTCQX: TCLRY), formerly known as Technicolor, returns to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2023 to showcase the latest innovations in 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions and next-generation customer premises equipment (CPE) to support the global connected-home market.

“As mobile operators and fixed-line service providers ramp up their 5G FWA strategies, VANTIVA is demonstrating advanced CPE that enables subscribers to easily install and set up their 5G in-home networks,” said Ashwani Saigal, Vice President of Broadband and Video CPE, VANTIVA. “Solutions that integrate 5G and the latest Wi-Fi technologies require open and flexible devices that can be deployed into the market quickly. VANTIVA will demonstrate a range of solutions that meet these requirements.”

VANTIVA experts and executives will be on hand during the conference to showcase CPE and applications that deliver high-performance broadband and video services to the home. Offerings that will be demonstrated by VANTIVA during MWC 2023 include:

  • 5G Falcon — This new 5G FWA indoor gateway is a compact ECO designed CPE. The solution features breakthrough innovations such as Indoor5GTM — a self-optimizing reception system that ensures the best 5G signal — and Power Class 1.5 which boosts transmission power to increase the eligibility area for 5G FWA. Falcon 5G is based on the very first Qualcomm 5G single SoC CPE architecture. It incorporates the latest Wi-Fi 6 4+4 technologies and antenna designs from VANTIVA, optimizing wireless speeds to seamlessly support the growing number of connected devices located in all corners of subscribers’ homes. The solution complements innovations that were introduced last year with VANTIVA’s Cobra 5G premium indoor solution for large homes and small offices and the company’s 5G Omni outdoor CPE.
  • NaviGate 5G™ Application — VANTIVA’s NaviGate 5G™ mobile device app allows consumers to quickly find the 5G reception “sweet spot” within their homes by optimizing the set-up and orientation of FWA gateways to local 5G towers. The app makes it easy for consumers to test signal strength and speed, ensuring the best possible 5G connection. By enabling self-service installation, NSPs will be able to accelerate adoption and deployment of 5G FWA and significantly reduce in-bound technical support calls. NaviGate 5G™ is supported on all current and future VANTIVA FWA indoor CPEs.
  • NaviGate Application — For cable, satellite and fiber operators, VANTIVA has developed a NaviGate application that allows consumers to set-up and manage their home gateways and extenders using their mobile phones and tablets. VANTIVA’s NaviGate app makes it possible for consumers to optimize the placement of wireless routers and extenders. The application allows subscribers to monitor network performance, observe devices connected to their network and adjust advanced Wi-Fi settings to ensure the best wireless connectivity without NSP technical support.
  • Open Software: VANTIVA will demonstrate how the company’s entire product line supports open software — including OpenWRT, RDK-B, RDK-V and Android TV. Operators will benefit from the growing community of developers that support these standards, ensuring interoperability across these ecosystems. By embracing open software, operators will be able to reduce time to market, establish better control over subscriber and network traffic data and optimize the management of seamless connected-home services and experiences. With open software at the core of VANTIVA’s product strategy, operators can integrate third-party connected-home applications – including cyber-security, smart home, remote helpdesk, Wi-Fi management, and much more – boosting their competitive position and creating opportunities to improve average revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Augmented Fitness — Set-top boxes (STBs) are evolving from single function (video delivery) devices to more versatile multi-function platforms that open the door to a new generation of digital lifestyle experiences in the home. VANTIVA will demonstrate how its high-performance JADE STB incorporates Bluetooth connectivity to access the growing array of connected-home fitness applications, allowing subscribers to virtually cycle the iconic roads of the Tour de France, or interact with remote fitness trainers in a cost-effective manner from the comfort of their homes using their TVs.
  • Soundscape — VANTIVA’s award-winning Soundscape STB will also be on display at MWC 2023. Powered by Android TV 12 software, the Soundscape solution features eight JBL speakers, delivering 150 watts of rich Dolby Atmos sound to accompany the high-quality images offered by the current generation of premium TVs.
  • Carrier Grade Wi-Fi 7 Gateway — VANTIVA will demonstrate its latest Wi-Fi 7-enabled carrier-grade gateways that are market ready based on eco-friendly housing design, industrial-strength mechanical technology, innovative wireless antenna design, open software, efficient thermal management.

The products, services and announcements showcased by VANTIVA at MWC 2023 represent the latest developments demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to providing open and innovative technologies for network service providers around the world. VANTIVA’s ultimate goal is to help NSPs deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to consumers by creating best-in-class CPE and partnering with the most innovative companies in the connected-home ecosystem.

Visit VANTIVA at Hall 2 Stand 2B40.


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