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September 12, 2022
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AMSTERDAM September 10, 2022 On September 9th, 2022, the CSI Awards — the most prestigious in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, telco, broadband/OTT video, and mobile TV sectors — recognized Vantiva’s Soundscape as the winner in the Best Immersive Video category.

Vantiva team celebrating at IBC 2022 the CSI Award for Best Immersive Video
Vantiva team celebrating at IBC 2022 the CSI Award for Best Immersive Video

Unveiled this year at IBC 2022, Soundscape is Vantiva’s latest set-top box (STB). The device is based on a single chipset that supports both OTT functionality and the Atmos processor, enabling Soundscape to deliver extremely high-fidelity surround sound audio experiences while reducing device configuration complexity and cost. It creates a realistic three-dimensional rendering of 3D audio and precise localization of static or moving objects on a three-dimensional plane in which audio objects are managed independently of each other to offer a fully immersive, realistic and theatrical experience.

“While TV manufacturers have made efforts to increase the size of their screens to elevate the image quality, content providers have gone to great lengths to improve audio performance. However, today’s TVs are too thin to embed speakers that can reproduce high-fidelity audio and recreate a cinematic experience. This has created a paradoxical situation,” according to Christian Lefebvre, senior vice president of the Video Product Unit at Vantiva.

To address this dichotomy, Vantiva’s Soundscape STB features a premium and patented Harman/JBL speaker system that supports the 150W high-fidelity Dolby Atmos system comprised of eight JBL speakers. This includes two up-firing Atmos channels and optimum base reflect ports to achieve extreme bass and high extensions. The STB is able to secure a powerful, distortion-free, natural sound.

The speakers are designed and placed on the device to project — and bounce — sound off the ceilings and walls of subscriber homes to create a robust, immersive sound experience,” said Lefebvre

Soundscape enhances the visual performance as well. Its enhanced video platform offers immersive video experiences to provide consumers with rich sports and online gaming experiences. With a powerful quad-core processor and Bluetooth 5.2, Soundscape can onboard wireless gaming joysticks and connect to several gaming platforms that demand exceptional graphics and sound rendering.

The device has been enthusiastically received by sophisticated South Korean consumers. Known in the Korean market as LG U+ Soundbar Black, the device has outperformed the retail segment in bringing high-end soundbar devices to the home. For every soundbar device — including all brands — sold via conventional retail channels, LG U+ has shipped two Soundscape STBs to its subscribers over the past year.  Industry experts expect STB shipments to double in the next 12 months, representing a 200% growth over a two-year period.


Carole Bernard
Chief Marketing Officer