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February 13, 2023
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A Service Provider’s Guide to Understanding the Interplay with Cable and Fiber Broadband Technologies.

On Feb 23rd 2023, at 4 pm CET/ 10 am ET we are excited to invite you to our latest virtual event, “Maximizing Opportunities with 5G FWA: A Service Provider’s Guide to Understanding the Interplay with Cable and Fiber Broadband Technologies” (duration 30 min + Q&A).

As 5G FWA starts to make headlines everywhere in the world, competition has increased among current and new home broadband service providers. This technology has impressive growth potential as it is very relevant in areas with poor or no connectivity and in places where fiber or cable deployment makes no sense as it is too expensive.

But which level of quality will operators offer with 5G FWA to provide a satisfying home broadband experience for a whole family?
While end users don’t care about the technology used to connect their homes, they expect seamless installation, fast speeds, and the delivery of services creating value as provided with traditional Fiber and Cable solutions. 

In this webinar, Olivier Lafontaine, Product Management Director, VANTIVA Product Division, will discuss how operators across the world are managing the different 5G FWA challenges: 

  • How does this technology coexist with operators’ current cable or Fiber solutions? 
  • What are the issues consumers face and how can operators resolve them?
  • How can operators bring a Fiber- and Cable-like in-home experience with 5G FWA?
  • How do 5G FWA services compete with traditional wireline offerings?
  • How can the expectations of both consumers and operators be met in terms of broadband service usage and management?

We recognize you may not be able to join the event live. Register today and you will then have access to the content on demand so you can view it when it is convenient for you.  

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