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Android TV Software

Give your end-users a seamless viewing experience with Vantiva Android TV software. Our innovative, feature-rich Android TV software helps operators to add value to their customer experience, from easy access to their favorite apps to essential features and robust security.

How to innovate with Android TV: a path to better products

Learn about the 2 rules that Network Service Providers need to adopt when developing Android TV Set-top boxes, and how this compares to Linux-based products.

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The industry leader in Android TV software

In the 7 years that Vantiva has been a Google premium partner, we have earned a reputation as the market leader in Android TV. We help operators provide a premium entertainment experience by offering support for applications – including development, integration, and certification – and a strategy of continuous innovation. Our firmware helps operators harness existing and emerging technologies, such as Wi-Fi repeaters, data analytics, IoT, and far field voice to ensure that they stay in the center of their customer’s world.

Android TV certifications


Vantiva is the industry-leader in software integration and certification for Android TV set-top box (STB) platforms. We have implemented more than 30 Android TV letter upgrades and the most Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ certifications in the industry. As a manufacturer, we are responsible for certifying the device for Android TV and providing ongoing maintenance. Fortunately, we have the most experienced dedicated test and certification teams in the industry, significantly reducing the time to market for operators.

Android TV Operator Tier

We offer the Android TV Operator Tier program which enables greater customization for providers who want to create a stronger branded experience for their subscribers. Vantiva’s TV stack adds new depth to Android TV set-top box devices by seamlessly integrating traditional Pay-TV features into the Android TV environment, such as front-end configurations, security solutions, or parental control. Vantiva’s software approach also minimizes dependencies between the TV stack and partner apps, ensuring seamless integration with third-party software modules.

Android TV Security

Content providers are strengthening their content-protection requirements, making Android TV Security an essential feature in the choice of their device manufacturer. Vantiva has more than 20 years of Conditional Access Systems and Digital Rights Management solutions integration, dedicated security teams, and ISO 27001 certification. We understand the security needs of Pay-TV operators, and work to ensure solid, secure content protection solutions in a fast-evolving market.

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