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Optical Disc

Vantiva, formerly Technicolor, has been the epicenter of disc supply chain solutions for over 25 years. We are the #1 global provider for end-to-end manufacturing, packaging, and distributing of DVDs and CDs for customers such as Warner Bros, Universal, Studio Supply Services, Disney, Sony, Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, independent studios, software companies, and video game publishers.

SCS optical disc manufacturing 2
Disc Capabilities
  • In-house Mastering
  • Replication and Printing
  • Print and Graphics Management
  • Automated and Manuel Packaging Assembly
  • Disc Art and Packaging Specifications
  • Assembly and Kitting Services

Our packaging solutions range from highly automated to complex manual builds, across all media and product types


We deliver high volume multi-site capabilities, with low cost near shoring options available.

Product Diversity

Our flexible platform can support a diverse range of product sizes and requirements to address any of your assembly and kitting needs

Display Assembly

Our high-volume POS display assembly expertise enables custom packaging and display builds at point of distribution and direct distribution to major retailers.

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