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DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Gateways

Give end-users a seamless cable broadband experience with Vantiva Marlin, backed by the most reputable name in the industry. Vantiva has earned its reputation for producing the highest standard DOCSIS 3.1 gateways – since 2017, we have delivered 25 million units integrating Wi-Fi 6 and RDK-B technologies worldwide. This success is built on a quality service offering, combining the latest software and security with cutting-edge product design.

MARLIN X - DOCSIS 3.1 Business Gateway
  • Wi-Fi 6E tri-band 4x4x4
  • EasyMesh R2
MARLIN L2 - DOCSIS 3.1 Business Gateway
  • Wi-Fi 6 dual-band 4×4
  • EasyMesh R2
MARLIN L - DOCSIS 3.1 gateway
  • Wi-Fi 6 dual-band 3×4
A seamless wireless experience

We innovate beyond existing industry standards. Our patented antenna design and positioning ensure our home gateways outperform equivalent products, offering consistent wireless coverage – backed by rigorous product testing in our multi-story Wi-Fi test houses. By choosing Vantiva DOCSIS gateways, operators can provide better wireless coverage, resulting in a better experience to subscribers, less churn and fewer requests for technical support.

Setting the industry standard with RDK-B

Vantiva established RDK-B, the industry standard software for cable modem and broadband devices, which is now expanding to integrate other access technologies. In 2014, we chose to donate millions of software code lines to create the open-source RDK-B platform – and now most DOCSIS 3.1 gateways on the planet use this software. The openness and flexibility of RDK-B allows operators to enhance their offerings with value-added apps and services, including parental controls, internet attack protection, and wireless mesh technologies.

Protecting end-users with advanced security

As end-users bring more of their lives and home online, it becomes essential for service operators to properly protect their customers (and their data). Our DOCSIS 3.1 home gateways, along with all other Vantiva technology, are well protected against hackers, malicious attacks, and malware. We use our set-top box expertise to protect our cable modems and DOCSIS gateways to the same level as our video devices and content.

Innovating new technology

Our Research & Development team innovates and integrates the latest developments across Internet of Things (IoT), Ethernet ports, better antenna designs, the latest wireless technology or open software. By staying ahead of the latest technological advances, unique features and designs – and striving to bring them to the market quickly – Vantiva DOCSIS gateways enable providers to offer a premium experience to end-users.

Partnering with leading Network Service Providers on broadband solutions

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