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DSL and Hybrid DSL/4G Home Gateways

Supercharge the home DSL experience for end-users with Vantiva Cobra DSL home gateways. Our devices help operators and their end-users get more from DSL connections, offering higher bandwidth on existing network infrastructure and enabling access to mobile networks for greater connectivity. This is supported by the software’s powerful home network controls, advanced Wi-Fi technologies and multiple apps through our HERO partner program. The result – seamless internet access and richer digital experiences.

COBRA X2 - xDSL / XGS-PON Wi-Fi 6E gateway
  • VDSL up to 35b and SFP+ for XGS-PON (10Gbps)
  • Wi-Fi 6E Tri-band: 2.4GHz(4×4), 5GHz (4×4), 6GHz (4×4)
Vantiva DSL Cobra Xh
COBRA Xh - DSL+LTE Wi-Fi 6E gateway
  • VDSL up to 35b and LTE
  • Wi-Fi 6E Dual-band: 2.4GHz(4×4), 5GHz (4×4)
Vantiva DSL Cobra M
Cobra M - xDSL Wi-Fi 6 gateway
  • VDSL up to  35b and
  • Wi-Fi 6 Dual-band: 2.4GHz(2×2), 5GHz (4×4)



Harness the power of mobile data with hybrid gateways

Our range of hybrid modems and routers take the technology further by adding a 4G or 5G connection to the DSL home gateway. This extra dimension of connectivity allows operators to support customers more effectively – providing mobile data in the event of network failure, instant onboarding of new customers via mobile, and bundling of fixed and mobile data to reach higher combined speeds.

Hybrid LTE

Vantiva COBRA DSL hybrid devices offer LTE or 4G and 5G solutions. LTE is most widely used in mobile phones but can also be used as connectivity technology in a home gateway, capable of achieving peak speeds of 100 Mbps or more. LTE or 4G is widely deployed, with coverage in many countries often above 80%. Hybrid 5G technology improves this significantly, enabling very high speeds to be reached – up to 10Gbps, depending on network conditions and coverage.

Boost broadband speeds on copper infrastructure

Vantiva xDSL technology pushes the boundaries of broadband speed and connectivity over twisted pair copper networks. Our DSL home gateways are used by millions of households across the world and our VDSL 35b (evolution of ADSL and VDSL technology) is embedded in our full product range. Backwards compatible technology, VDSL 35b is deployed from the street cabinet as last-mile technology – employing noise-canceling techniques to reach higher speeds and enabling the delivery of high-speed internet to homes.

Deliver fiber speeds over copper with

Vantiva’s technology enables service providers to roll-out ultra-broadband at a lower cost, by enabling gigabit services to be delivered over the last few hundred meters of existing copper wires. Through, customers using a DSL home gateway get the same 1GB per second of broadband speed over copper networks as they would from new fiber connections – and the newest iteration, G.Fast 212, can deliver up to 2Gbps.

Partnering with leading Network Service Providers on broadband solutions

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