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Homeware Operating System for Home Gateways

HOMEWARE is Vantiva’s software solution for OpenWRT home gateways. An open-source SDK for service providers, HOMEWARE provides a standard platform to build, deploy, and support new services more efficiently. We have extended OpenWRT to make it carrier-grade while maintaining the overall architecture – the result is an intuitive software solution that is open, apps-ready, interoperable and secure.

An open-source platform

We believe in the power of open-source software – the inherent collaboration leads to faster time-to-market and improved software quality. Vantiva Homeware benefits from a large community of developers, who are continuously testing and contributing to improve the software. To ensure the ongoing growth and success of this open-source platform, we also contribute back to the OpenWRT community to improve the open source community’s projects.

Designed for new applications

Homeware is an SDK for service providers to develop unique and fully customized applications on their gateways. This enables operators to generate new services and improve average revenue per user (ARPU) or optimize existing services and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Third-party developers can easily code compatible apps or choose from a catalog of pre-integrated innovative apps from Vantiva’s HERO Partner Program. One example is Homeware’s Life Cycle Management application, which improves broadband service availability by decoupling application upgrades and maintenance from the gateway core software.

Seamless interoperability

Vantiva Homeware is built on the principle of strong, seamless interoperability – which has ensured successful deployment in more than 50 countries across different configurations. This compatibility greatly reduces time to market and gives service providers the freedom to choose network.

Three rigorous security checks

Vantiva Homeware is based on an overall software architecture with end-to-end security by design: from bootup to the installation of applications via lifecycle management. Software undergoes three rigorous security checks to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities: during development, during validation, and even once products are delivered. At regular intervals, the products are validated by independent third-party security labs.

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