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IoT Gateways

Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is growing across the world – across both smart home device and IoT deployments in industrial and business settings. IoT Gateways, connected to sensors and devices can capture a wealth of useful data, automate tasks, and create intelligent systems – creating new revenue opportunities and saving money across MDUs, Retail and Warehousing, Hospitality, Building Management and beyond. As the established leader in connectivity, we work closely with industry leaders, cloud platform providers, and technology developers to help a range of organizations unleash the full potential of IoT in smart spaces.

IoT Gateways

State-of-the-art Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 IoT Gateway.

Provides maximum reach

Wi-Fi 6 Integrated 4×4 high-power front-end modulesto eliminate bottlenecks.

Separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios for full duplex operation.

Provides excellent coverage for load balancing and QoS tasks to improve the user experience along with world class security provisioning.

Is now a Microsoft Azure IoT Plug-and-Play Certified Product.

Simplifying the IoT Edge: Smart Spaces Best Practices

This exclusive White Paper examines how connected devices benefit multifamily owners and property managers, as well as opportunities in the emerging MDU market for product vendors and service operators.

Download the White Paper
Simpler IoT hardware and software integration

The IoT technological environment is always evolving. IoT system integrators and solution providers expect robust, secure, interoperable, and futureproof hardware. Interoperability equally important, enabling applications and connected devices, data flows, and networks to interact in perfect harmony. Vantiva provides both – supporting businesses with easy access to services in order to support complex IoT deployments, enable quicker go-to-market strategies and allow cost-effective installations.

The IoT partner of choice

Vantiva is a partner of choice for system integrators – we provide scale, security expertise, and wide-ranging industry partnerships across both cloud computing and value-add applications providers. Together, we ensure highly reliable solutions with fast and cost-effective development and deployments in a variety of ecosystems and a wide range of industries and businesses.

Advanced wireless expertise

As a leader in wireless technologies, Vantiva provides futureproof IoT solutions. We’ve developed our unique expertise in wireless standards integration to meet the rigorous demands of our Network Service Provider (NSP) customers. Our first-class antenna design allows multiple wireless technologies to coexist in the same hardware without interference, with best-in-class performance and support for mesh deployments. System integrators can reuse the same edge device and software development with multiple customers on any major wireless standard – including Zigbee, Zwave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

Robust, proven edge device service

Vantiva IoT edge gateways handle hardware and software life cycle management – ensuring the solution is always updated and optimized. Our design and development expertise has supported more than 300 NSPs worldwide – our IoT edge solution comes with that same industry-leading service, support, and logistics that have made Vantiva a success.

Revolutionary ecosystem of partners and multi-protocol support

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