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NaviGate Companion

A holistic broadband experience that extends beyond a stable internet connection has become a necessity. This includes connecting multiple devices, sharing a network with other household members or guests, implementing parental controls and timeout rules, addressing security concerns, and conducting performance tests. These use cases collectively form part of an NSP’s home network offering for their users. NaviGate Companion, a new gateway companion app within Vantiva’s NaviGate software suite, enables remote management and monitoring of users’ home networks, along with the option to access value-added services offered by operators.

Setting up your home gateway

Vantiva NaviGate Companion app assists end-users in setting up their home gateway through a straightforward QR-code scan. This simplification reduces entry barriers for users, eliminating the need for customer support and reducing operational costs.

Control your home network

Vantiva NaviGate Companion app empowers users by providing an easily accessible list of device connected to their network, offering enhanced visibility and control over their home network in real-time, from any location.

Parental control

The parental control feature in the NaviGate Companion app enables users to establish internet access rules for specific devices or groups, including screen time management and bedtime controls, among others.

Cloud based solution and business intelligence

A cloud-based solution with resident data enables the extraction of valuable business intelligence, allowing operators to gain insights into their subscribers’ usage patterns and adjust, customise, and evolve their offerings accordingly. Since it is cloud-based, the NaviGate Companion app provides the users with real-time access from anywhere and facilitate affective monitoring and management of home networks from any location.

Opt-in for value-added services

The NaviGate Companion solution is capable of seamless integration with operators’ systems. This allows operators to offer their subscribers the option to access value-added services through the NaviGate Companion app, such as security features, gaming optimization, bandwidth slicing, and more.

User Experience

The user-friendly and personalised interface of the NaviGate companion app ensures that end users can effortlessly navigate and perform their intended actions. A great user experience fosters long-term user engagement, service retention, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Basic and advanced feature list

End users not only get visibility into connected devices and the ability to define the internet access rules, but they can also control advanced Wi-Fi settings. The key features of the NaviGate Companion app include onboarding, monitoring, parental control/timeouts, speed test, Guest Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi networks, security.

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