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NaviGate IQ

The television landscape has evolved drastically over the last few years. There are more video services that can be offered on any network and on any platform. For Pay-TV Operators, the main challenge is providing subscribers with the right content at the right price. This requires a deep understanding of subscribers – how do they consume video content? What’s attractive to them? Which parts of the service are they not interested in? Vantiva NaviGate IQ™ helps Operators to understand if their services are truly relevant, competitive, and engaging.


NaviGate IQ solution brief

Our comprehensive solution brief provides many actionable insights for operators to  leverage customer data from their Android TV set-top boxes.

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NaviGate IQ solution brief

Vantiva’s NaviGate IQ solution consists of a lightweight monitoring agent residing on the subscriber’s set-top box and leveraging Android TV APIs.

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Turn knowledge into decision making

Vantiva’s NaviGate IQ solution consists of a lightweight monitoring agent running on the subscriber’s set-top box (STB) leveraging Android TV APIs. These analytics allow a deeper understanding of the subscribers’ usage of Android TV applications and services on the STB, displayed as a convenient analytics dashboard.

Content Usage analytics

Content Usage analytics provide comprehensive information on both the video and applications preferred by subscribers. Understand the TV content and on-demand video a subscriber watches, which content providers they prefer, how much they’re watching, which applications they’re using (or removing) and what time they prefer to watch.

Service Usage analytics

Access a consolidated view of subscriber behavior with the TV service and the related environment through service usage analytics. This includes the number of devices, STB usage, use of features like voice control, details on the connected TV display, recording habits, even account sharing.

Quality of Experience and Customer Support analytics

Providing a consistent, reliable experience for subscribers is essential, and the Quality of Experience and Customer Support analytics enable operators to identify the technical performance and usage of the STB. These analytics analyze information such as Wi-Fi usage and strength, boot time, Internet network loss, STB hardware and software details, security parameters, and more.

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