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NaviGate Software Suite

Step into the future of connected living with the NaviGate™ suite – a transformative experience comprising three powerful components – NaviGate Companion™, NaviGate 5G™ , and NaviGate IQ™ – meticulously designed to amplify the convenience, customization, and connectivity of your broadband and video offerings. By optimizing the installation, management and performance of gateways and set-top-boxes, NaviGate™ makes the home evolve into a harmonious symphony of technology, working in perfect unison.

NaviGate Companion

Onboarding new devices, setting up parental controls, managing Wi-Fi settings… everything you need to control your home network in the palm of your hand.

NaviGate Companion
NaviGate 5G

Navigate 5G assists the end-users in a seamless, self-set-up of their 5G FWA gateway, optimizing signal reception and minimizing operators’ TCO.

NaviGate 5G
NaviGate IQ

NaviGate IQ transforms operators from mere service providers into insightful decision-makers armed with a deep understanding of customer preferences and behavior.

NaviGate IQ
NaviGate IQ: Transforming data into knowledge

Say hello to a new era of TV entertainment with NaviGate IQ. Our cutting-edge solution helps operators understand the competitiveness and quality of their video services. With NaviGate IQ operators will transform TV usage data into actionable insights that revolutionize the viewing experience of their subscribers. By harnessing user data, it is now possible to optimize the behavior of the set-top-box and craft TV services that cater directly to the preferences of the individuals, delivering a personalized journey that captures every moment and desire.

NaviGate 5G: Empowering Home Connectivity

NaviGate 5G isn’t just an app; it’s a holistic approach that guarantees a self-installation of user’s 5G FWA devices, connecting their home to the power of fifth-generation wireless. NaviGate 5G ensures an optimal placement of the 5G FWA gateway within the home for unparalleled connectivity, enabling operators to offer an array of value-added services similar to the ones provided with Fiber or Cable technology. Embrace 5G lightning-fast speeds, minimal latency, and a world of possibilities!

NaviGate Companion: Mastering The Home Network

With NaviGate Companion, consumers can take charge of their home network like a pro! The mobile app provides users with the tools to monitor, manage, and optimize their connected ecosystem effortlessly. From ensuring peak performance to setting up guest networks with a few taps, NaviGate Companion transforms mobile devices into a control center that keeps the digital world running smoothly for the individuals.

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