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RDK-B: The Open-Source Software Platform

The RDK-B (Reference Design Kit for Broadband) is an open source software platform used in broadband modems and routers. Part of the RDK platform, RDK-B is a powerful tool for global broadband – it unifies a common technical method, ensuring consistency between chipset suppliers and OEMs across a range of applications. As a platform, it’s used across home-networking interfaces, device management, diagnostics, and IoT interfaces, such as Bluetooth, Thread and Zigbee. Every Vantiva DOCSIS home gateway is equipped with RDK-B as the default software stack.

Our RDK devices: 5G Gateways

Cobra 5G CPE Supporting RDK-B


5G solutions
Our RDK devices: Cable Gateways

Marlin X, DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway supporting RDK-B

DOCSIS 3.1 solutions
Our RDK devices: Fiber Gateways

Gazelle L2 and L3, Supporting RDK-B

Fiber solutions
What is RDK-B?

RDK-B is an open platform used by hundreds of companies and thousands of collaborators. This allows companies to adopt an industry-leading standard of technology without the burden of major development costs and ongoing maintenance. It is an open, flexible platform – RDK-B allows operators to enhance their offerings with value-added apps and services, including parental controls, internet attack protection, and wireless mesh technologies.

Embedded across Vantiva devices

Network service providers (NSPs) understand that ultra-broadband and gigabit services need more than just technical performance, they also require a high-quality end-user experience. RDK-B standardizes functionalities for broadband devices, enabling cable operators to efficiently deploy different services to a large customer base, making it possible to more easily manage different functions – including Wi-Fi and Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) and Internet of Things (IoT) controllers.

Setting the industry standard with RDK-B

In 2014, Vantiva helped establish RDK-B with the donation of millions of lines of code, which enabled RDK to expand its applicability to broadband devices, setting a shared technical standard among suppliers. Now millions of home gateways across the planet use this software and RDK-B has become the industry standard software for cable modem and broadband devices – which is expanding to integrate other technologies, such as RDK-V.

A global standard

Today, the RDK community comprises more than 350 companies worldwide, including customer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturers, SoC vendors, software developers, system integrators, and service providers. Over 25 video and service providers across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia are members of the RDK community across evaluation, testing, trials and deployment.

Partnering with leading Network Service Providers on broadband solutions

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