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RDK-V Lab Accelerator

Reference Design Kit for Video (RDK-V) is the open-source software platform that provides a broad range of video functionality to home gateways and set-top boxes (STBs). The Vantiva RDK-V Lab Accelerator is our way of contributing directly to this open source platform, encouraging innovation with teams across the globe.

Vantiva Jade set-top box
Jade set-top box

RDK-V support

Jade, the future of the set-top box
What is RDK-V?

RDK-V is part of the Reference Design Kit (RDK) platform, an open-source platform used by hundreds of companies, including Vantiva. RDK-V enables developers and operators to use a unified software stack for STBs and home gateways across a broad range of complex video and management functions – rendering, content, device management, networking, and more.

RDK-V teams across the globe

The RDK-V Lab Accelerator is truly an international project. Our teams based in Norcross, GA, Sunnyvale, CA, and Philadelphia, PA, support our US customers. The team in our R&C center in Rennes, France supports our EMEA customers and works on the hardware and software architecture, plus product and program management. Our teams in Chennai, India and Beijing, China work on the different building blocks, such as the loader, validation, and drivers. Together, they all ensure that Vantiva is supercharging innovation across the RDK-V platform.

Vantiva embeds RDK-V in a wide range of devices

Vantiva offers a high level of integration of RDK-V in its different hardware platforms. Our RDK set-top boxes are deployed with Comcast and their syndication partners, which are also moving beyond the US market to reach European operators. Every RDK-V set-top box produced is validated with TDK, and combined with our own additional end-to-end tests with operators’ infrastructures and streams.

Vantiva is a founding contributor to RDK

Vantiva has been a committed innovator to RDK, donating millions of lines of code to support the platform. We believe in the power of RDK. As an independent, open-source solution, RDK is accessible to any operator and is developed and maintained by an active, engaged community of developers across the world. With tens of million devices in the world, Vantiva leads the market in North America and Europe. And with the RDK-V Lab Accelerator, Vantiva is helping RDK-V reach a new level of momentum.

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