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Video Multi-Client Solutions for Lodging & Institutions

The COM3000 is a High-Definition satellite headend solution, designed specifically for hotels and similar installations where there is a need for a single wire solution for multiple televisions. It offers up to 138 HD channels per 3RU, or a mini system of up to 46 channels per 1RU of rack space offering a high-density scalable solution for video distribution, while allowing individual TV channel selection.


The COM400 chassis is the foundation for the COM3000 systems requiring more that 46 channels.  It provides the housing, power supply, 10 GbE backplane, managed switch and cooling system required for the DIRECTV receiver blades and Edge QAMs.

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The COM51 receiver blade is the next generation in a family of DIRECTV receivers specially designed for the commercial market. This high density receiver can output 8 to 23 channels of High Definition and is 4K capable.

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The QAM4 is specifically designed to work with both the COM400 and COM421 chassis. A single QAM4 module comes standard with 4 QAM channels and is upgradeable to 48 ensuring enough capacity for multiple channel count deployments

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The COM421 chassis is mini chassis providing the housing, power supply, 1 GbE backplane and cooling system required for two DIRECTV receivers and Edge QAM for use in deployments with fewer that 46 channels.

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The COM50 is specialty receiver blade for use in DIRECTV select deployments where Pro:Idiom DRM is not needed.  This high-density receiver can output 8 to 23 channels of High Definition and is 4K capable.

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Compact Form Factor

The COM3000 offers up to 138 channels of HD video and integrated Edge QAMs in only 3RU of rack space. This compact design also results in dramatic power savings compared to typical stacked receiver solutions.

HD Content Protection

For High-Definition solutions that require copy protection, the COM51 receiver blades add Pro:Idiom™ or Pro:Idiom Mobile™ encryption to the HD content, which can be played back on any Pro:Idiom™ or Pro:Idiom Mobile™ enabled receiver device or television.

Integrated Edge QAM

Available as a plug-in module for the COM400, the QAM20 reduces overall system costs and simplifies the installation and maintenance for the COM3000. The QAM20, sold as a 16-channel QAM, and can be software upgraded to a 48 channel QAM device two channels at a time, capable of delivering all 138* streams of DIRECTV™ HD content as well as additional local sourced content.

*Three DIRECTV streams per QAM are possible on a properly balanced system—please ask your distributor or Technicolor for more information.

Remote Management

The COM3000, including all the receiver blades and Edge QAMs, can be managed and monitored remotely over the Internet or local network using a simple web browser-based management interface.

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