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Vantiva Vinyl Records Manufactoring

Where Experience Meets Innovation

As an integral supplier in the music industry’s supply chain, Vantiva has leveraged it’s optical disc manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes, and expertise to offer vinyl record services. With demand for vinyl records continuing to grow around the globe, Vantiva offers customers much needed manufacturing capacity.

With unmatched breadth of services, Vantiva is uniquely positioned to offer our music customers a one-stop shop for all the packaged media needs.


Lacquer master is the first step of the pressing process. We produce lacquer masters on-site in our North American facility. In Europe, our local partners create the DMM or lacquer master then ship them to our pressing facilities in Poland.

The quality of the master determines the sound of the final record. This vital first step in the process determines the overall sound of the finished vinyl.


After we receive the lacquer masters for each side of the record, we will process them for the next step. Each is sprayed with liquid silver and nickel plated to form the stampers used to press the actual record. We offer two plating options – a 2 step and 3 step process. Most of our work includes the 3-step option to create the highest quality sound.

Test Pressings

Before the total order is manufactured, we run a small test sample to ensure the audio is the highest quality. These samples are reviewed by our inhouse audio QC experts and can be reviewed by the client. A physical test press or digital test can be shared with the client. Testing multiple samples ensure our machines are manufacturing a consistent record repeatedly.

Vinyl Pressing

Once the test pressings have been approved and all packaging components arrive in house the order will then move into full production. The manufacturing requires precision, great care and attention to details. Each step along the way ensures only the highest quality records are fabricated. Multiple inspections are performed during the pressing process before being delivered to the packaging team.


Once the vinyl has been pressed, the final assembly with packaging is completed by our teams. From single album sleeves to complex pieces including multiple records, posters, & box sets, we are able to create the unique experience for each music fan.


Albums are packaged and sent to our distribution facilities in Tennessee, the United Kingdom, Poland or Australia to be shipped to local record stores, national retailers, or ship directly to consumers. Our teams are able to build custom displays for retailers and include your album, CDs, and other merchandise into a unique point of sale display.


By the end of 2023, Vantiva expects to take delivery of additional presses bringing our total to over 40 machines in North America allowing us to manufacture over 17 million albums a year. In Europe, we expect to take delivery of 8 machines allowing us to manufacture 6 million albums a year. In Australia, we will have capacity for 650,000 albums per year. We continue to grow our capacity for the music industry to meet the demand of vinyl records while maintaining capacity for CD, DVD, BD, and UHD replication.


Service Offerings

  • On-Site Lacquer Disc Mastering or Local Supplier
  • On-Site Stamper Manufacturing
  • Record Pressing
  • Procurement
  • Packaging
  • Display Builds
  • Omni-Channel Distribution
  • EDI Integration

Capacity & Footprint

Our North American vinyl record pressing plant is located within a 273k square foot manufacturing facility located in Guadalajara, Mexico with a future capacity of 17M+ units annually using 40 presses. Packaging is performed on-site in Guadalajara and in our Mexicali, Mexico campus facility with over 730K square feet of space. Our distribution facility is located in Nashville, Tennessee with over 770K square feet with ability to ship to retailers and direct to consumers.

Our European vinyl record pressing plant is located in Warsaw, Poland with a future capacity of 6M units annually using 8 presses. Packaging is performed on-site at the same facility to reduce costs and shorten lead times. Our distribution facilities are located in Warsaw and Rugby, UK. Both have the ability to ship to retailers and direct to consumers.

Capabilities & Services


  • Diameter: 12″, 10″ & 7″
  • Weight: 140g & 180g
  • 15 Stock Color Options & endless colors variants are available including special features such as marbling and smoked


  • Single & Multi-Record Package Configurations
  • Gift Sets & Unique Packaging Requirements
  • Precision Shrink-Wrapping
  • Automated Sticker Application
  • Auto-Applied Compliance Markings
  • Barcode Printing & Application


  • Distribution to all Major Retailers
  • Target DC Cross-Dock Capabilities
  • Parcel Distribution to Retail
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Amazon Direct Fulfillment

On-Site Stamper Manufacturing

Managing the 3 step galvanic plating process in-house allows us to remain nimble to changes in our customers’ capacity planning priorities

Mastering & Lacquer Cutting


  • Center labels, sleeves, jackets, inserts, & stickers along with an endless array of collector edition solution

Key Contributors to our Success

Technological Development: A culture of continues process improvement and technology driven solutions ensure manufacturing competitiveness.

Tactical Excellence: Maintain best in class execution & quality throughout the operation via six key factors:

  • Operational Systems & Controls
  • Real Time Information Systems
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Employee Training
  • Company Culture
  • Industry Leadership

Our Team: A dedicated team of engineers, technicians, equipment operators, account managers, warehouse personnel and dozens of roles that are filled by the people who make the gears of Vantiva turn and create a culture of excellence.

Vinyl Color Options

Vantiva maintains stock of black and select colors of vinyl record compound (PVC). Our supplier network is capable of providing any color variant based on our customers’ requirements.

Standard Black


Stock Colors 

Red Translucent
Yellow Translucent
Blue Translucent
Orange Translucent
Green Translucent

Special Order Colors 


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