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NaviGate 5G

With the numerous hybrid benefits of 5G technology and high internet speeds that comes along, it crucial for 5G gateways to provide the best signal and highest speed in every user’s home. In this context, achieving the most effective 5G signal heavily depends on how the 5G device is positioned within the house. How can we ensure the right placement of the 5G FWA indoor gateway in each home in an efficient, time-saving, and user-friendly manner? Vantiva addresses this challenge with the NaviGate 5G™ mobile app, designed to support and assist end users in the self-setup of their 5G FWA gateways.

5G tower location

Vantiva Navigate 5G™ app determines 5G tower location based on subscriber location that is a critical requirement for successful 5G Gateway installation.

Improve the position of your 5G Gateway

Vantiva Navigate 5G™ app guides the user to position the 5G Gateway at the optimum location within a direction to the tower.

Quality of 5G

Signal strength and speed test functionalities help the user to validate the quality of 5G signal.

Operational and financial wins

Setting up gateways through technician visits typically requires the allocations of multiple employees for home visits, incurring operational and logistics costs, as well as managing customer relations. NaviGate 5G™ self-service solution allows end users to independently set up their 5G gateways, aiming to eliminate the need for home visits. Consequently, this reduces the substantial costs spent on operations, logistics, and client relationship management. Given the large number of subscribers and the extensive coverage areas served by operators, cost reduction in this sector can yield significant financial benefits.

Beneficial technology aspects and features to operators

Vantiva’s NaviGate 5G™ solution offers to operators several key features. Firstly, the NaviGate 5G™ app leverages the operator system via API to access the 5G tower list. Secondly, the app communicates with the gateway through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for signal and speed testing. Thirdly, due to app’s nature, its serverless architecture minimizes operational efforts and maintenance. Lastly, NaviGate 5G™ can be launched from an existing app at the operator’s discretion.

User Experience

Thanks to well-designed user experience (UX) of NaviGate 5G™, subscribers can easily navigate through the app. Several criteria determine the optimal placement of the gateway, including its direction towards the tower, closer to a window, away from obstacles, positioning in the highest available space. It is critical to communicate these guidelines to the user in a clear and easily understandable manner. Vantiva’s NaviGate 5G™ app is purposefully designed with end users in mind, providing clear messaging and intuitive visual cues to assist the users at every interaction point.

Subscribers satisfaction and fidelity

A self-service offering of NaviGate 5G™ empowers subscribers to independently manage their 5G setup and monitor the signal. Functionalities such as signal strength and speed testing enable users to validate the quality of their 5G connection, which is highly appreciated and widely used by customers. These capabilities contribute to increased customers engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction.